Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eap jump

Untitled from mk design on Vimeo.


Frank said...

Hi Mike

It's great to see you have your EAP up for critiquing and comments. There is strong emotion in the "Aaarrrgh!" pose at the start that I think has good appeal.

Frank said...

From a colleague, a critique:

what i liked:
the animation was great
the action/ crying out and the begining gives us a idea what's going on
the end push up and back handstand flip over was great and very good use of LOA
nicely timed out
the anticipation for this jump couldn't be posed any better
i like the fact the character is keeping an eye on where he is landing
the landing pose and te counter weight for this pose is awesome

at the begining the head is shaking side to side but so do the hands in time with the head
after the "Rawww!" he's getting up but the right knee is moving maybe a bit too much
instead of sliding his right foot forward he could have shifted his weight over to his left foot and then lifted his right
it's good to have a last point of contact and stretching your poses are also good but this was too much and his head should be looking up or at the landing position, drag is also good but not needed in this pose
he reaches the peak of the jump but then you have made his butt go even higher, he is going down or it could be an inbetween
the landing his arms should have come out sooner to brace the landing
there should be more timing aloud for the impact and get up
also there could have been some more timing allowed for the feet to slowly pass over his head
and finally the end pose is great but the head does not need to return to the middle he just did a big jump thing leave his head down

over all a good peace of work i like it very much the animator went beyond the criteria and did well